Natsuko Utsumi is an author and photojournalist based in New York City.

In nearly 20 years of her jouranalistic career, she has reported on war and ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, conflict diamonds in Sierra Leone, and the election of Nelson Mandela in South Africa–as well as gender issues such as domestic violence,teenage motherhood, sexual abuse of girl chilldren, Neo-Nazi women in Germany, and women bullfighters in Spain–for publications including Time, Newsweek, Japanese Esquire, New York Magazine, Paris Match, Cosmopolitan magazine.

Natsuko’s book “Document Female Genital Mutilation” (Shueisha Publishing, 2003) drew on travel to six African countries over three years of research.

Born in Kobe, Japan, she received a Master degree in Public Administration at Harvard University – John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Natsuko founded a not-for-profit organization Cause Vision in 2010. Cause Vision and Natsuko are currently working on “Stop Human Trafficking” project in Mexico. To learn more about Cuase Vision, to go Cause Vision